Car Registration Card Renewal (Mulkiya) is a compulsory process to renew your car/vehicle registration with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). The purpose of vehicle registration renewal is to make sure your car is ready to have on the road and to complete the vehicle checkup once a year to avoid the risk of accidents and breaking down on roads.

Renewing your Mulkiya (vehicle registration) is now a hassle-free experience with AmerCenter. We understand the importance of keeping your vehicle paperwork up-to-date, and our Mulkiya Renewal Dubai services are designed to make the process smooth and efficient.

Mulkiya Renewal 

Mulkiya renewal, also known as vehicle registration renewal, is an essential process for car owners in Dubai to ensure their vehicles are legally registered and roadworthy. The process involves renewing the Mulkiya, a document issued by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) that certifies a vehicle's registration and ownership.

For a seamless experience, the RTA offers convenient options for Mulkiya renewal, including online services that allow you to complete the renewal process from the comfort of your home or office. Here are the steps for car Mulkiya renewal in Dubai:

1. Check for Fines and Clearance: Before initiating the renewal, ensure that all outstanding fines are paid. This is a mandatory step for the RTA vehicle Mulkiya renewal process.

2. Vehicle Testing: If your car is more than three years old, it must pass a vehicle inspection test to qualify for renewal. This test ensures that your vehicle is in good condition and meets safety standards.

3. Submit the Renewal Application: You can apply for Mulkiya renewal online through the RTA website or the Dubai Drive app. This method is highly convenient for those looking to renew Mulkiya without visiting an RTA office.

4. Pay the Renewal Fees: Once the application is submitted, you will need to pay the necessary fees for the car Mulkiya renewal. This can be done online using a credit card.

5. Receive the New Mulkiya: After the payment and verification process, the new Mulkiya card will be issued. You can choose to have it delivered to your address or collect it from an RTA customer service center.

For car owners in Dubai, keeping the Mulkiya up-to-date is crucial for avoiding fines and ensuring your vehicle remains legally compliant. The RTA's online services make it easy to handle the car Mulkiya renewal process, saving you time and effort. So, whether it's your first renewal or a routine one, take advantage of the RTA's streamlined online system for a hassle-free Dubai Mulkiya renewal experience.

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