logo_1701341839.webp Published:November 30 ,2023 10:57:19
Last updated:May 29 ,2024 14:00:30


UAE is among the first countries to figure in the UK government’s list of countries eligible for ETA(Electronic Travel Authorisation). This move is expected to make the UK a favourite tourist destination for Emiratis. Currently, the Emiratis are using the EVW(Electronic Visa Waivers) to visit the UK and they will need to continue this till the beginning of the new ETA 2023 from January next year.


The ETA(Electronic Travel Authorisation) which was recently introduced will also apply to other GCC nations. And will come into effect in 2023. UAE citizens won’t be needing a visa to travel to the UK anymore and only an ETA application done through online mode will be enough. The ETA application will have to be made before the scheduled travel date is the only requirement. The ETA move is rolled out for countries with whom the UK wants to build smoother and easier travel access.


The move will strengthen the UAE-UK diplomatic and economic relations. It is a part of the UK Government's time-bound drive to digitize its border by 2025. On the part of the UAE government Mansoor Abulhoul, UAE Ambassador to the UK, said, “ Today’s historic achievement will also serve to strengthen the close diplomatic relations between the UAE and the UK and spur further growth in our economies. It indicates the high regard in which the UAE is held in the UK and internationally.”


Being a signatory of the  Partnership for the Future and the Sovereign Investment Partnership UK and UAE has come a long way to make their trade partnerships and diplomatic exchange robust. We can expect more favourable reforms for Emiratis from the UK government in future.