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What is a family golden visa?

A Family Golden Visa is a type of residency visa that allows eligible individuals to sponsor their family members to reside with them in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Under the Family Golden Visa program, qualifying visa holders can sponsor their immediate family members, including spouses, children, and parents, to join them in the UAE for an extended period.

Family members eligible for sponsorship typically include:

1. Spouse: The visa holder can sponsor their legally recognized spouse, including wives and husbands in polygamous marriages (with permission from relevant authorities).

2. Children: Dependent children under a certain age, usually 18 or 21, depending on specific visa requirements, can be sponsored. This includes biological children, adopted children, and stepchildren.

3. Parents: In some cases, the visa holder may also be able to sponsor their parents, subject to certain conditions and requirements set by the UAE immigration authorities.

The Family Golden Visa program aims to promote family reunification and support the well-being of visa holders by allowing them to have their loved ones with them in the UAE. It provides an opportunity for families to reside together and enjoy the benefits of living in the UAE, including access to healthcare, education, and various amenities and services offered in the country.

Documents required for family golden visa

The documents required for a Family Golden Visa in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) may vary depending on the specific circumstances and visa category. However, some common documents typically needed for a Family Golden Visa application include:

1. Passport Copies:

   - Copies of the passport bio-data pages of the sponsor (visa holder) and each family member to be sponsored.

2. Visa Application Form:

   - Completed visa application forms for each family member, as per the guidelines provided by the UAE immigration authorities.

3. Relationship Proof:

   - Proof of relationship between the sponsor and each family member, such as marriage certificates for spouses, birth certificates for children, and relevant documents for parents.

4. Financial Documents:

   - Salary certificates or employment contracts of the sponsor, demonstrating sufficient income to support the sponsored family members during their stay in the UAE.

5. Accommodation Proof:

   - Evidence of suitable accommodation arrangements for the sponsored family members in the UAE, such as tenancy contracts or property ownership documents.

6. Medical Insurance:

   - Health insurance coverage for each sponsored family member, as per the UAE's healthcare requirements.

7. Emirates ID Application:

   - Application forms for Emirates ID cards for each sponsored family member, to be processed upon their arrival in the UAE.

8. Additional Documents:

   - Any additional documents requested by the UAE immigration authorities, such as police clearance certificates, medical examination reports, or affidavits, as per the specific visa requirements.

It's essential to check the latest visa application guidelines and requirements provided by the UAE immigration authorities or consult with authorized visa consultants for accurate and up-to-date information before submitting a Family Golden Visa application. Compliance with all documentation requirements and guidelines is crucial to ensure a smooth and successful visa application process for family members.

How to apply for a family golden visa?

To apply for a Family Golden Visa in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), follow these general steps:

1. Eligibility Check:

   - Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria for sponsoring family members under the Family Golden Visa program. Eligibility criteria may include minimum income requirements, residency status, and relationship to the family members being sponsored.

2. Gather Required Documents:

   - Collect all necessary documents for the visa application, including passport copies, relationship proof (such as marriage certificates or birth certificates), financial documents (such as salary certificates or employment contracts), accommodation proof, and health insurance details.

3. Online Application:

   - Visit the official website of the UAE's immigration department or the designated visa application portal to initiate the visa application process. Fill out the online application form accurately and provide all required information.

4. Submit Application:

   - Upload scanned copies of the required documents along with the visa application form. Double-check the information provided to ensure accuracy and completeness before submitting the application.

5. Pay Fees:

   - Pay the applicable visa processing fees online using the designated payment methods accepted by the UAE immigration authorities. Fees may vary depending on the visa category and the number of family members being sponsored.

6. Application Review:

   - After submitting the application and paying the fees, the immigration authorities will review your application and verify the submitted documents. This process may take some time, so be patient and wait for updates on your application status.

7. Biometric Enrollment (if required):

   - Depending on the visa category and immigration policies, you or your sponsored family members may need to undergo biometric enrollment at a designated visa application center. Follow the instructions provided by the immigration authorities for biometric enrollment, if applicable.

8. Visa Issuance:

   - Once the application is approved, you will receive notification of visa issuance. The Family Golden Visa will be stamped on the passports of the sponsored family members, allowing them to travel to the UAE and reside with you as per the visa validity period.

9. Emirates ID and Medical Insurance:

   - Upon arrival in the UAE, sponsored family members may need to apply for Emirates ID cards and obtain mandatory health insurance coverage as per UAE regulations. Follow the required procedures for obtaining Emirates ID and medical insurance for family members.

10. Residency Registration:

    - Register the sponsored family members' residency with the UAE immigration authorities within the specified timeframe upon their arrival in the country. Follow all necessary procedures and requirements for residency registration to ensure compliance with UAE immigration laws.

Following these steps will help facilitate the Family Golden Visa application process and ensure a smooth transition for your family members to reside in the UAE.

Benefits of family golden visa

The Family Golden Visa offers a wide range of benefits for those looking to bring their loved ones to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for an extended stay. Here are some advantages you need to know:

1. Family Reunification: The Family Golden Visa allows sponsors to bring their immediate family members, including spouses, children, and parents, to reside with them in the UAE. This facilitates family reunification and strengthens familial bonds by enabling families to live together under one roof.

2. Long-Term Residency: Unlike temporary visas, the Family Golden Visa provides long-term residency rights for sponsored family members, typically valid for 5 or 10 years. This offers stability and security, allowing families to settle down and integrate into the local community.

3. Access to Education: Sponsored children can benefit from access to quality education in the UAE, including prestigious international schools and universities. This ensures continuity in their academic journey and opens up opportunities for higher education and personal growth.

4. Healthcare Benefits: Family members under the Golden Visa scheme can avail themselves of the UAE's world-class healthcare facilities and services. Access to comprehensive healthcare coverage ensures their well-being and peace of mind during their stay in the country.

5. Employment Opportunities: Spouses and adult children of Golden Visa holders may have the option to seek employment in the UAE, subject to obtaining the necessary work permits. This opens up avenues for career advancement and financial independence for family members.

6. Business and Investment: The UAE's thriving business environment presents opportunities for family members to explore entrepreneurial ventures or investment opportunities. They can participate in the country's dynamic economy and contribute to its growth and development.

7. Cultural Exposure: Living in the UAE exposes family members to a rich tapestry of cultures, traditions, and experiences. They can immerse themselves in diverse cultural activities, festivals, and events, enriching their lives with new perspectives and insights.

8. Safety and Security: The UAE is known for its safety and security, offering a peaceful environment for families to thrive. Golden Visa holders and their loved ones can enjoy a high standard of living and personal safety, contributing to their overall well-being and happiness.

The Family Golden Visa not only facilitates family unity but also provides a gateway to a fulfilling and prosperous life in the UAE. It offers a notable range of benefits that enhance the quality of life for sponsored family members, fostering a sense of belonging and opportunity in their new home away from home.

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