This Self-Service allows the public to record a complaint regarding cyber-crimes, whether for their persons or for their properties as well. To facilitate the procedures, please fill out the form below and ensure that you have as much information as possible, so that we can help you as quickly and as best.

Note: This service is specific to crimes that happened within the geographical scope of Dubai city only.

E-Crime Report

In today's digital age, cybercrimes pose significant threats to individuals and businesses worldwide. Dubai Police offers an efficient system for reporting e-crimes, ensuring prompt action and protection against online threats. Here's everything you need to know about filing an e-crime report with Dubai Police.

E-Crime, or electronic crime, refers to offenses committed using digital devices and the internet. These crimes can range from online fraud and identity theft to cyberbullying and hacking attempts. Reporting such incidents is crucial for maintaining online safety and preventing further harm.

What is an E-Crime Report?

An E-Crime Report is an official report filed with Dubai Police to report cybercrimes and online frauds. It enables victims to report incidents such as hacking, phishing, online scams, identity theft, and cyberbullying, among others.

Importance of Filing an E-Crime Report:

- Protection: Reporting e-crimes helps protect yourself and others from online threats, preventing further victimization.

- Investigation: Dubai Police investigates e-crime reports to identify perpetrators and take legal action against cybercriminals.

- Prevention: By reporting e-crimes, you contribute to raising awareness and implementing measures to prevent future incidents.

Filing an e-crime report with Dubai Police is essential for combating cybercrimes and safeguarding the online community. By promptly reporting e-crimes, you contribute to creating a safer digital environment and holding cybercriminals accountable for their actions. If you have been a victim of an e-crime in Dubai, don't hesitate to file a report with Dubai Police via to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to address the incident.

At Amercenter, we strive to simplify the process of reporting electronic crimes, ensuring a secure and efficient experience for individuals in Dubai. Our commitment is to provide an accessible platform for reporting e-crimes and collaborating with Dubai Police to address these digital offenses.

Dubai Police E-Crime Status

In collaboration with Dubai Police, our E-Crime Report service offers a direct channel to report digital offenses. Checking the status of your e-crime report is made easy, providing transparency and updates on the progress of the investigation.

We work closely with Dubai Police to facilitate a prompt and efficient resolution to reported e-crimes. Your report is a crucial step in initiating investigations, and our collaboration ensures that your concerns are addressed with the utmost urgency.

Transparent E-Crime Status Updates

Stay informed about the progress of your e-crime report with our transparent status updates. We believe in clear communication, providing you with timely information on how Dubai Police is addressing your reported incident.

Why Choose Our E-Crime Report Service?

- Specialized in E-Crime Reporting: Our expertise focuses on providing a dedicated platform for reporting e-crimes in Dubai. We understand the unique challenges associated with digital offenses.

- Direct Collaboration with Dubai Police: We have established a direct collaboration with Dubai Police to streamline the reporting process and ensure that your concerns are addressed promptly.

How We Ensure Excellence

# Accessibility

We prioritize accessibility in our E-Crime Report service. Whether you're using a computer or a mobile device, our service is accessible, ensuring that reporting e-crimes is convenient for everyone.

# Collaborative Approach

Our collaborative approach with Dubai Police ensures that your e-crime report is treated with the seriousness it deserves. We work together to initiate investigations and take appropriate actions.

# Clear Communication

Transparency is fundamental to our service. We believe in clear communication, providing you with updates on the status of your e-crime report throughout the investigation process.

AmerCenter is your dedicated partner in addressing digital offenses. Whether you've experienced online fraud, cyberbullying, or any other electronic crime, our comprehensive services are designed to make reporting easy and effective. We open a world of reliable and efficient e-crime reporting assistance.