Change Status

Changing status is an important part of the labour card and visa approval. Normally called 'change status', 'in out' or even 'inside country visa change' by public relations officers across the UAE. The process refers to the modification of the visa status of an individual, without the need to exit the country if they are inside the country once moving to different visa categories provided.

The Change Status service in the UAE allows individuals to change their visa status within the country. This means that one does not need to leave the UAE and re-enter to update their visa status, making it a convenient and efficient option for many. The service covers various transitions, including:

- Tourist/Visit Visa to Employment Visa: For those who have found a job while on a tourist or visit visa.

- Employment Visa to Residency Visa: For employees whose companies are sponsoring their long-term residency.

- Dependent Visa Changes: For family members needing to change their visa status due to changes in sponsorship or personal circumstances.

Navigating visa and residency regulations in the UAE can be complex, but the Change Status service simplifies the process for individuals and businesses needing to modify their current visa status without exiting the country. 

Benefits of the Change Status Service

The Change Status service offers several advantages:

1. Convenience: Eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming travel outside the UAE.

2. Efficiency: Faster processing times compared to traditional methods of visa change.

3. Legal Compliance: Ensures all visa transitions are managed according to UAE immigration laws.

4. Flexibility: Supports various types of visa changes to accommodate different needs.

Eligibility Criteria for Change Status:

To be eligible for the Change Status service in the UAE, applicants generally must meet the following criteria:

- Valid Current Visa: The existing visa must be valid at the time of the application.

- Sponsorship: A valid sponsor (employer or family member) is required for employment or dependent visas.

- Required Documentation: All necessary documents, such as passports, current visa copies, and new visa application forms, must be properly prepared.

Required Documents for Change Status:

The specific documents required may vary based on the type of visa transition. Commonly required documents include:

- Passport Copy: Valid passport with at least six months of validity.

- Current Visa Copy: A copy of the existing visa.

- New Visa Application Form: Completed form for the new visa type.

- Sponsor Documents: If applicable, documents from the sponsor, such as the trade license, establishment card, and sponsor's passport copy.

- Employment Contract: For employment visa changes, a copy of the new employment contract is required.

The Change Status Process for Change Status:

The process typically involves the following steps:

1. Initial Consultation: Assess eligibility and gather all necessary documents.

2. Application Submission: Submit the change status application along with the required documents.

3. Payment of Fees: Pay the applicable fees for the service.

4. Processing: Authorities review the application and process the status change.

5. Notification: Receive notification of the status change approval.

6. Issuance of New Visa: The new visa is issued and stamped in the applicant’s passport.

Fees and Processing Time

The fees for the Change Status service vary based on the type of visa and the urgency of the request. Expedited services are available for an additional fee. Standard processing times typically range from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on the complexity of the application and the current workload of immigration authorities.

Common Scenarios for Change Status

- Job Seekers: Individuals who secure employment while on a tourist or visit visa can transition to an employment visa without leaving the UAE.

- New Residents: Those moving to the UAE for long-term residence can change from a short-term visit visa to a residency visa.

- Family Members: Dependents on a family visa can adjust their status if there are changes in the primary sponsor’s status or if they become eligible for a different visa type.

The Change Status service in the UAE is an invaluable resource for individuals and businesses needing to update their visa status due to new employment, residency, or personal changes. By providing a legal, efficient, and convenient method to change visa status within the UAE, this service helps maintain compliance with immigration regulations while avoiding the inconvenience of international travel. Whether transitioning to a new job, moving for long-term residence, or adjusting dependent visas, the Change Status service streamlines the process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.