Renewing your establishment card is essential to maintaining your company’s legal standing and operational capabilities in Dubai. 

What is an Establishment Card?

An establishment card, also known as an immigration card, is a mandatory document for companies in the UAE. It allows businesses to sponsor work visas for their employees and is required for various official and legal transactions.

Importance of Establishment Card Renewal

- Continuous Operations: Ensures your business can legally sponsor and renew employee visas.

- Compliance: Maintains your company’s compliance with UAE immigration regulations.

- Avoid Fines: Prevents potential fines and legal issues related to expired documentation.

Establishment Card Renewal Cost in Dubai

The cost of renewing an establishment card in Dubai typically ranges from AED 650 to AED 1,000. The fees can vary based on the specifics of your company and the services used during the renewal process.

Key Considerations

1. Timely Renewal: Start the renewal process at least one month before the expiry date to avoid any disruptions or penalties.

2. Accurate Information: Ensure all details provided in the application are accurate and up-to-date to prevent delays.

3. Keep Records: Maintain copies of all documents and receipts for future reference and compliance checks.

Renewing your establishment card in Dubai is a straightforward process when you understand the steps involved and the costs associated. Whether you choose to renew online through the GDRFA portal or in person at a typing center, ensuring timely and accurate submission of your application will help keep your business compliant and operational.