Dubai: The Service of Economy declared on Wednesday that the already reported Commercial Companies Law will come into impact from following June 1. This will permit 100 percent foreign proprietorship of (Mainland) companies within the UAE. According to the prior declarations, all current and previously authorized businesses within the UAE can correct their statuses concurring to the modern alterations to the commercial company’s law. In December 2020, the UAE government reported major changes to Government Commercial Companies Law No.2 of 2015, bringing a redesign of outside possession rules appropriate to commercial companies.

Concurring to the prior declarations, all current and already authorized businesses within the UAE can correct their statuses agreeing to the unused corrections to the commercial company’s law. In December 2020, the UAE government declared major changes to Government Commercial Companies Law No.2 of 2015, bringing a redesign of outside possession rules pertinent to commercial companies. As per the Commercial Companies Law, Law No. 2 of 2015, Foreign shareholders were limited to owning a maximum of 49 percent in a ‘limited obligation company’ (LLC) working as a coastal UAE trade. This requires an Emirati person or 100 percent Emirati-owned Company to hold the adjusted 51 percent share as a local sponsor. In other firms, it was required for foreign businesses of certain categories to have a local service agent (Emirati national) who would not have any shares but would be compensated as a portion of the commerce setup agreement. The amended law allows natural and legal persons to establish and own a 100 percent stake in their companies, regardless of nationality. The law, however, will not apply to some companies that are excluded based on decisions by the Cabinet and those that are either wholly-owned by federal or local governments or their subsidiaries.


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