MOHRE Services

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) plays an important role in overseeing the workforce and regulating the employment process for both the private and public sector in the UAE. Over the past couple of years, it has taken various initiatives to strengthen the job market in the country and provide opportunities to support the local talent. Find out the services, initiatives and processes under the leadership of MOHRE.

Services For Employers

Issuance of Work Permit

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) issues work permits to employees working within the UAE. The employer can apply for a new work permit by submitting:

  • A colour photograph of the employee with a white background
  • A copy of employee’s six-month valid passport
  • A letter of approval from the relevant authority
  • Academic documents authorised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of employee’s home country
Reporting an Absconding Domestic Worker

In case, an employee absconds without informing the employer, MOHRE grants the employer right to report the case.

For that, the employer needs to submit documents such as:

  • A copy of the employer’s and worker’s passport
  • Worker’s residency and visa details
  • An original or a copy of the employer’s valid ID card
Payment of Fines

Employers can also pay any fine incurred by the domestic worker via MOHRE. To pay a fine, employers must have:

  • A copy of the employer’s passport
  • An original valid ID card of employer GCC/ resident/ investor
  • An original valid ID card of the employer

Moreover, MOHRE manages other work-related processes as well. For instance, the Ministry:

  • Modifies or updates work permit
  • Cancels used or unused work permit
  • Offers working sites inspection facility
  • Updates data on the recruitment system
  • Trains job seekers
  • Issues or cancel PRO card, licence for brokerage agency or temporary recruitment
  • Caters to quota request for establishments with 50 and more than 50 employees
  • Carries out periodic inspection

Services For Employees


Absher Card is a discount card offered to UAE nationals working in the private sector in the UAE.

To get an Absher card, you need to:

  • Be an Emirati
  • Have a registered labour card
  • Work experience in one establishment no less than one month
  • Be registered in General Authority for Pensions and Social Security or Abu Dhabi Pensions and Retirement Fund
  • Have a record of a minimum 3-months of salary transfer through the Wages Protection System (WPS)

To file a complaint pertaining to salary issues, MOHRE asks for:

  • Company employee list
  • Full establishment report
  • Previous inspection reports
  • Establishment location scheme
  • A copy of the complaint
  • Wages payment report from the Wages Protection System (WPS)

The service helps labourers get a payment on behalf of the beneficiary.

To get this service, employees need to have:

  • Court ruling of liquidation
  • Settlement document by the legal team to liquidate the guarantee and approval of the employer

To initiate the service you must follow the steps detailed below:

  • Present the court letter to the Labour Relations Section stating the
    a bank guarantee in favour of the labour
  • In case of the absence of a court judgement, the bank guarantee will be invoked based on the employer’s decision

MOHRE also ensures employees get coverage from their respective employers, in case of any occupational hazards. To avail of this facility, employees must have:

  • Labour contract
  • Medical report from the Health Authority (Abu Dhabi) that determines the disability percentage.
  • New Electronic Work Permit
  • Renewal + Modification of Electronic Work Permit
  • Edit Electronic Work Permit
  • Renew Electronic Work Permit
  • New National and GCC Electronic Work Permit
  • Modify Contract
  • Modification of National or GCC Electronic Work Permit
  • Renew Mission Electronic Work Permit
  • Application for Incomplete Contract
  • Request for Original Contract
  • National or GCC Labour Card

Electronic Companies

  • Create New PRO
  • Add or Remove Establishment for the PRO (E)
  • Cancel PRO Card
  • New License for Private Employment Agencies
  • Renewal of Private Employment Agencies
  • Cancel Request For Private Establishment Agency
  • E – signature Card
  • Modify Company Communication Info

Non Electronic Companies

  • Open Establishment Form
  • Modify Establishment
  • Adding owners to the Establishment
  • Modifying / Deleting owners from Establishment
  • Lost Establishment card
  • Cancellation of Establishment
  • New Person Creation
  • Modify Person Information
  • Sponsorship Cancellation
  • Electronic Work Permit Cancellation
  • Pre Approval for Work Permit Cancellation
  • Unused Pre Approval for Work Permit Cancellation
  • Outside the Country Cancellation
  • Sick Cancellation
  • Death Cancellation
  • Labour Case Cancellation
  • Temporary Pre Approval for Work Permit Cancellation
  • Typing Electronic Pre Approval for Work Permit Application
  • Typing Mission Pre Approval for Work Permit Application
  • Typing Temporary Pre Approval for Work Permit Application
  • Replacement of Pre Approval for Work Permit
  • Typing Electronic Pre Approval for Work Permit Application – Prepaid
  • Typing Modify Pre Approval for Work Permit Application
  • Typing Electronic Pre Approval for Work Permit Application-Zones Corp
  • Typing Part Time Pre Approval for Work Permit Application
  • Typing Juvenile Pre Approval for Work Permit Application
  • Relative Pre Approval for Work Permit
  • E-Quota Request(More than 50 employees)
  • Request for quota for Electronic companies
  • E-Quota Request(Less than 50 employees)
  • Applying new Quota
  • Cancellation of E-quota application
  • Mission Quota
  • Request for Mission Quota
  • Absconding – Electronic
  • Withdraw Absconding Report
  • Customer Service Request
  • Police Letter To Arrest Runaway Labour
  • Complaints
  • Request for Certificate Exemption