Why Ejari Registration Required ?

Ejari is an online registration system initiated by Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) that requires all Dubai rental or lease contracts to be recorded at this portal. The main motive behind this system is to legalize the otherwise unpleasant relationship between landlords and tenants in Dubai. RERA has made it mandatory from 14 March 2010 for landlords to enter the basic details like terms of tenancy agreement and property details, at this portal. Each entry will be assigned a unique bar code by the system for future reference. Ejari will put an end to malpractices in rental sector by making the whole procedure transparent, for all of the stakeholders. Tenancy contracts, which are not registered at Ejari, will not be protected by any of the regulatory authorities in Dubai.

As of 2013, an Ejari registered tenancy contract must be submitted with all residency visa applications. As of June 2013, such a contract must also be presented for connection of Du home services, including Internet and TV.

The responsibility of registering a tenancy contract with Ejari lies with the landlord or, if a real estate agent is involved, with the real estate agent. However, this is difficult to enforce and often tenants are required to register their contract and pay the associated fees themselves.

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Ejari Services Include :

  • Attestation of lease contracts (Ejari)
  • Cancellation of lease contracts
  • Issuing Ejari letters to register lands which are not registered in the Land Department’s system
  • Issuance of Ownership Certificates
  • Issuing all kinds of plans (lands, units, buildings)
  • Modifying ownership data (individual landlords, not companies)
  • Issuing title deeds in lieu of lost / damaged ones
  • Valuation of Real Estate Unit (units only such as apartments, offices or shops)
  • Registration of Rental Disputes Cases (first instance or reconciliation)

Documents Required For Ejari Registration

Here are all the essential Ejari documents needed to register Ejari online.

  • Tenant’s passport
  • Tenant’s UAE Visa
  • Tenant’s Emirates ID
  • Tenancy Contract
  • Title deeds of the rented property
  • Recent DEWA bill or connection receipt
  • Landlord’s passport
  • For commercial entities, trade license is also required.