The one-stop point for all Visa & Residency services in Dubai.

The Center provides immigration services in the Emirate of Dubai Which consists of immigration visas typing services and entry permits.
Renewal and new residency services, issuing a status amendment, revocation of residency or transfer to a new passport, facilitating short and long-term visits and revising visas In addition to services provided by other government agencies.

Amer Services included

  • Entry permit
  • Change status
  • Visa – New/Renewal
  • File opening
  • Visa cancellation
  • Change nationality
  • Visa on arrival – Extension
  • Change visa/Residence from old to new passport
  • Change profession
  • Absconding
  • Date modification
  • Establishment card – New/Renew
  • Visa deposit
  • Online refund request
  • Sponsorship transfer
  • Temporary work permit
  • Travel report
  • Issue outpass
  • Visit visa – Short term/Long term

Tas-heel Services Included

  • Establishment – Electronic companies/Non electronic companies (Open, Modify /Delete, Update, Cancel)
  • Establishment – Bank guarantee
  • Pre-approval for work permit payment fees
  • Electronic work permit/Pre-approval for work permit fines
  • Company fines
  • Contract – Modify/Submit
  • New electronic work permit
  • New national and GCC work permit
  • Renew electronic work permit
  • Modify person information
  • New person creation
  • All type of cancellation services
  • Electronic pre-approval for work permit application and prepaid
  • New job offer letter
  • Mission pre-approval for work permit application
  • Replacement of pre-approval for work permit
  • Relative pre-approval for work permit
  • Modification/Cancellation of job offer letter
  • Quota modification/cancellation
  • Submit national electronic work permit application
  • Submit new electronic work permit and mission electronic work permit application
  • Submit renew labour card application
  • Submit relative sponsor pre-approval for work permit
  • Submit replacement of pre-approval for work permit
  • Update work permit information.
  • Miscellaneous Work – Nawakas scanning document, Online cancellation, Sponsor information, Submit bank guarantee refund, Update immigration file number
  • Online Reports – Company employee list, Electronic work permit information, National labour list, Person information