Did you know nearly 90% of Dubai’s population are expats and immigrants. The glittering city is like a powerful magnet that attracts expats from around the world. The high quality lifestyle and an amiable environment makes it quite unique from other middle-eastern countries.

The stable economy of Emirates, low-tax base and acceptance of diversity makes it the second-home for more than 3.1 million residents. But if you are an aspiring UAE visitor, it is essential that you learn about the new UAE visa rules 2022. It will help you in planning the entry, stay and expansion of career and future prospects in UAE.

So, now let’s dive straight into the Visa rules and their modifications.

What are the New UAE Visa 2022 Rules all about?

Being one of the most sought cities for the life it offers to every class of workers, Dubai stands out as a unique city. The UAE industrial areas apart from Dubai are also the most preferred location for its ease of doing business and other monetary benefits.

Now,if you are wondering whether the new visa rules are going to affect you badly, you can relax.  As the Emirati Cabinet which passed these changes said, it is indeed aimed at making your entry to UAE simpler.

The UAE government comprising of seven sheikhdoms along with Abu Dhabi and Dubai hopes to achieve the following with this new Federal Decree-Law on Entry and Residence of Foreigners:

  • Attract global talent toward UAE
  • Increase the competitiveness of the UAE job market
  • Make Dubai and UAE flexible
  • Foster a sense of stability among the residents of the nation

The government aims to achieve this feat through the updated Golden Visa and Green Visa rules. They shall also introduce three new visa types that will help job seekers, entrepreneurs and investors to enter the country without the need of a sponsoring agency or entity. This will help trainees to go and pursue new educational and internship opportunities in Dubai or at any quality institutions in UAE.

What UAE gains from this move?

The UAE government hopes to become a brain hub like the United States attracting young talents. Training them young, offering them a first-class industrial environment to exhibit what they have learned and club it with a modern standard of living. All this will lead to greater commitment from foreign nationals to stay in the UAE and contribute towards its development while achieving their own personal growth. It is a win-win situation for all.

Understanding the Golden Residence Rules 2022

Now let us see what the Golden Residence Rules 2022 holds for you. If you are someone who don’t know about these Golden Residence Rules 2022, then here’s to enlighten you:

“ Golden Residence is a long term, renewable residence visa valid for 10 years granted to foreign talents to pursue their career or studies in UAE”

Under the new changes, a Golden Residence visa holder can sponsor family members without age restrictions. And they can also support labourers without a cap on the number. Along with that the number of years they can stay outside UAE to keep the validity of visa is now totally removed.

Now, let’s see the different kinds of Golden Residence visa and how to get them.

Types of Golden Residence Visa and Changes

  • Golden Visa for Real Estate Investors
    Obtained through a real estate investment worth 2 million Dh.
    Changes: Now property purchase is available with a loan, the only condition being that the loan should be coming from a bank specifically.
    Secondly, off-plan properties are now allowed if they are from an approved real estate company with value above 2 million Dh
  • Golden Visa for Startups
    Startups can now avail the Golden visa under the new rules if they meet the following requirements:
    • The startup must have a registration in the country
    • It should be one which fall under SME(Small and Medium Enterprises)
    • Annual revenue of 1million Dh or more 
  • Golden Visa for Scientists
    The new visa rules for scientists who are dexterous in their field of knowledge need to meet the following conditions:
    • Must have a recommendation from Emirates Science Council
    • PhD or Masters from a renowned university in Life Sciences, Natural sciences, Technology, Engineering
  • Golden Visa for Exceptional Talents
    In this category of residence visa, talent is the deciding factor. Your educational qualifications, status of employment and salary doesn’t matter at all. In fact now you don’t need an employer sponsor if the UAE government sees that you are a talented person. All you need is a recommendation or approval from the government entity.The fields included in this type are not just limited to the following :
    • Art
    • Culture
    • Digital Technology
    • Sports
    • Innovation
    • Medicine
    • Law 
  • Golden Visa for Skilled Workers
    In the category of changes this visa has the most defining changes. The old educational requirement of having a bachelor’s degree is still the same.

    Changes: One,Applicants must hold a valid contract of employment in the UAE. 
    Two, their line of job must fall under the occupational level one or two as defined by the Ministry of Human Resources Emiratisation
    Three,  minimum monthly salary requirement has dropped to Dh 30,000 from  the previous mark of Dh 50,000.
  • Golden Visa for Students
    Students of exceptional calibre having high scores obtained either in UAE secondary schools, best performers fromUAE universities, or those who fall under the best 100 universities worldwide under criteria defined by authorities. 

Changes to Note in Green Visa 2022

Under the new Green visa changes of 2022 you don’t need a sponsor or employer for a 5-year long stay in the UAE. The bonus is that the card-holder can bring the family for five years now( It was two years under old rules.)

Green  visas are available to skilled workers, self-employed, freelancers,etc. Those who are ready to invest in UAE can acquire one too if they fulfil:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in specified field as minimum educational standard
  • Salary not less than Dh 15,000

If they meet the requirements they earn a 5 year residency( old system allowed only 2 years)

Changes in Visiting Visa

The new rules which will roll out from September 2022 will also bring substantial changes to the visiting visa.
The main changes are:

  • The visiting visa now allows a stay of 60 days from the previous 30 days. It is a bonus for the visitors who want to explore UAE more deeply
  • A visa called job exploration visa is now available. It will help those young and vibrant talents from other countries to explore the job market in UAE . And you do not need a sponsor or host to get this visa.
  • Job exploration visa also allows investors to seek opportunities in UAE without a sponsor or the host for the first time, 

Changes in Multi-entry Tourist Visa

The new visa changes were most awaited by the tourists as Dubai is also a favourite hub for tourists. A regular tourist visa is already available under the present system.

Changes: Under the new rule tourists can now avail a 5-year multi-entry tourist visa from September 2022. This visa too doesn't need a sponsor The requirements for this are - bank balance of 4000$ during the 6 months prior to visa application. Dollar equivalent currencies are acceptable but the value must amount to that of 4000$. You can stay for 90 consecutive days in the UAE and the only condition is that it doesn’t extend to 180 consecutive days in a year. 

Changes in Family Visa

The best benefactors of this new visa update are the families. Previously, they were allowed to sponsor their children under 18 years only. Now male children can be sponsored till 25 years and disabiled children also get a special permit and so does unmarried daughters for an indefinite time.

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