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Last updated:November 16 ,2023 16:23:51

UAE is today the top talent hub attracting vibrant investors, bright students, highly skilled professionals, and other unique individuals from all over. They are coming together to transform Dubai into a technological and economic centre. The major changes that the UAE government in the form of September 2022 visa changes are in this direction. The most important updates are listed in this blog.


The Primary Feature of the New UAE Visa Policy are:

  • There are different types of residencies for the investors, scholars, students, specialists in the domain, graduates, etc. With simplified procedures and an easy policy that gives the residency holders many additional benefits.


  • The residency holders can now bring family members and this includes children who are upto 25 years of age. Earlier this was limited to 18 years and the unmarried daughters can now stay on as long as they prefer.


  • Friend/Relative Visa - Another type of visa is the one a relative or a friend can use to visit their relative or visa in UAE without resorting to a sponsor.


  • Temporary Work Visa - With a temporary work contract and a proof of fitness you can apply for a visiting visa for probation testing or project-based work.


  • Study Visa or Training Visa - primarily for students or people who want to attend training, attend internship or study courses. This visa can be sponsored by public and private sector educational and research institutes. With the relevant details you can apply for this visa


  • Job Visa - A boon for the job seekers who are looking for better opportunities in the UAE. It needs no sponsor and requires only a bachelor’s degree or equivalent holding fresh graduates from the world’s best 500 universities and from among those who are classified in the first, second  or third skill levels as per MOHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation)standards.


  • The green card holders can now bring their first-degree relatives. Hence, now there are new opportunities for possible aspirants to visit and stay their extension upto one year. And they don't need any guarantor or host as well for this.


  • The golden resident visa holders have been exempted from the most troublesome clause in the policy that is to be always present in the state. Also the need to have this certain number of support service workers has been done away with. The other benefit in this category is for the family of the golden resident whose patron has passed away. As it allows the family to stay on. All this comes besides the special preference and opening for the scholars, specialist, genius talents, for Golden Residency.


Finally, it is important to remember that  the authorities are in full-fledged open to the process of this new UAE skill and worth building, And an integrated plan is currently being schemed to make this onboarding process of the resident visa shoulders and the foreign visitors in the coming era. Happiness centres and better communication channels will be used as per the latest reports.