logo_1668585984.jpg Published:October 10 ,2023 10:46:40
Last updated:November 16 ,2023 16:23:32

The New Visa Rule: What You Need to Know About Expired and Cancelled Visas

The new grace period for resident visa expired citizens has changed as per new visa norms. Now they can stay up to 60 days and up to a maximum of 180 days. However, the expatriates need to make sure that they renew their visa within the grace time. That is if they want to stay in the country. 

The agencies at the typing center have affirmed that the new rule has been set in motion and the residents need to make the most of it. 

Many examples are emerging, as people have started to relax and patiently adapt to these pro-people reforms. Skilled workers, students, family members, Golden & Green visa holders, and all stakeholders find the new reforms welcoming:

The grace period division of 180 days applies to:

  • Skilled professionals (first and second level in the MOHRE classification).

  • Students who have completed their studies

  • Golden Visa holders and their family members

  • Green Visa holders and their family members

  • Widows or divorcees

The grace period division of 90 days applies to:

  • Property Owners in UAE

  • Skilled Professionals coming under 3rd level under MOHRE classification

The grace period division of 60 days for normal residencies and 30 days for all other categories. 


However, the dependents of these skilled workers will get only 60 days. The common outlook is that with an extended visa grace period, people who have lost their jobs can find a new one and extend their stay here.


The consequence of these new visa reforms have been on the free hold visas. Its validity is now just 2 years which is less than the early 3 years. And it also applies to applicants who have come as a  partner to a mainland company and their dependents.


Why MoHRE will fine many companies in 2023?

The Emiratisation is a support policy of the UAE government for the Emiratis. It seeks to expand the base of private sector jobs for nationals through these. Also, the MoHRE hopes to build a safety net of its nationals in building their career path.

From 1st January, 2023 companies which employ 50 or more professionals come under this. The target was to meet the Emiratisation rate of 2 % in overall skilled jobs. Such companies need to employ the Emiratis by that date or pay a hefty fine of Dh72,000 for every non-employed Emirati.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has again reminded the companies in UAE that they have only 50 days left for the target. The Ministry is willing to help the companies through incentives and support packages. It is provided under the Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council (Nafis).

The MoHRE statement was: “We reaffirm our belief in developing the UAE labour market in partnership with the private sector to help achieve an improved business environment and investment climate that encourages companies, investors, entrepreneurs, and talented people from all over the world to work in the UAE, especially in strategic sectors.”

The Ministry also said that complying to these rules were in the best interest of the private sector organizations.